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4 Empowering Mindsets You Need to Nail Your Pageant

Every shift in your life starts with a shift in your mind. One of the biggest mistakes in pageantry that I see is that contestants will a focus on their skills only... yet neglect their mindset. Don't let that be you, queen! Here are four must-have empowering mindsets you need to build confidence and make your mark at your pageant:

  1. The interview is only a conversation.

During interview, you are simply conversing with the judges. Looking at it as a question and answer session can have your nerves on

overdrive. Transform the way you the interview and look at it as an opportunity to converse with a new group of friends. This will help

you to calm your nerves and actually communicate in a way that makes an impact.

2. I am enough.

Too often, I see contestants questioning their ability to win the crown. Remember this - you are capable of your dreams. Aim to be your

best, but know that you are enough as you are. Pursue excellence while embracing the unique things that make you, you.

3. My voice is powerful.

Never shrink your voice nor compromise your values for a crown. Determine where you stand on critical issues and be willing to stick t

to your beliefs no matter what when you compete. Knowing your values and having clarity on where you stand will propel your sense

confidence when you compete. You'll be a lot less likely to crumble under pressure and have the boldness to be yourself - no matter


4. I am my only competition.

Unlike team and high-contact sports, your performance at the pageant solely depend on YOU. Think about it. In sports like

basketball or football, the ability for one team to score is hindered by the defense of the other team. This is not the case in

pageantry. Another contestants performance can not hinder you in any way...unless you freak yourself out mentally. When present

yourself in front of the judges, no one else can interrupt you nor limit your actual performance. You are a one woman show! Therefore,

know that being your absolute best is the standard and you are truly your only competition when you arrive at your pageant.


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