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Small Heading
Defining Beauty through the Lens of Scripture

Throughout my childhood and teen years, I suffered from severe low self-image and misplaced esteem. I struggled with cystic acne and seasonal skin rashes, and no matter how hard I tried I didn't feel as if I truly fitted in...I wasn't "pretty" enough. I allowed messages from culture, and even negativity from my peers, shape how I saw myself as a young woman in Christ. 


Sound familiar? It's easy to let negative and unrealistic expectations of the world around us to affect how we value what and who is within us.  However, there is good news. What I discovered from Scripture was that godly beauty consists of something deeper, greater and incorruptible...something more than "pretty". 


Join me on this journey as we break free from insecurity, materialism and broken self-image. More Than Pretty will lead you into developing multifacted beauty that ultimately honors God.

More Than Pretty Book
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