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Slaying? A Real Beauty Self-Assessment

With it being a new year, I thought it would be quite appropriate to post my REAL BEAUTY SELF-CHECK. What is it? Just a mini quiz to help you make sure that the beauty on the inside of you is really shining through more than your MAC and fresh mani. (Not hating on cosmetics and manicures - your girl here gets glam with the BEST of 'em!) So here's to being that one that stands out in the crowd because you have a beauty undeniable and deeper than the culture...

1. In the morning, what do I nurture first?

a. My inner beauty by praying, reading Scripture or journaling.

b. My outer beauty, I honsestly run to the mirror first thing!

2. When you receive compliments, which ones really make you feel the best?

a. When someone compliments me based on my character, attitude, talents or positive actions.

b. When someone compliements my appearance.

3. Which do you spend the most money on?

a. My mind, spiritual growth and heart - buying quality books, positive music, giving to others and supporting causes. (i.e. church, charity, etc.)

b. My looks- getting just the right hair, nails, clothes, make-up, and skin care products take up most of my money- honestly!

4. Which do you invest the most time in?

a. My inner self - Developing as a person, learning new things, growing spiritually, and serving in my community is what I do in my free time.

b. My outer self- Finding new hairstyles, following celeb sites for my latest look, shopping for clothes and accessories, and posting on social media take up most of my free time.

Obviously, A's were the ones for inner beauty and B's for outer. Did you get mostly B's? Or were you half and half? Either way, that is telling you that you need to put some more time in the type of woman you are. The world has enough cute females. Who will step up and be a real woman? One that offers something deeper and more real than what simply meets the eye? That's my call to you, sweetheart. Dare to grow beyond what you see around you. You can be full of beauty - but you have to fill yourself up. The best beauty treatment is a purified heart. It's never too late. Get before God and begin your real beauty treatment today.


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