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Slay Your Pageant with Ocielia


Hello, Queen! 

Want to know the secret to winning your pageant? First, you must understand that the greatest queens pursue God-given purpose, not a man-made title. That is what I lived by in my ten-year pageant competition career, and what I live by to this day. You have the ability to become the young woman you were destined to be and fulfill a destiny that touches countless lives.


One avenue to touch lives while becoming your personal best is pageantry. Yes, competing in a pageant can be thrilling...yet overwhelming. 

Wardrobe, talent selection, current events, appearances, fitness, ad sales, platform promotion and so much, much more! It's a miracle that you can stand on stage. Especially considering the many sleepless nights you've had just to get your chance at winning the coveted title.

Believe me, I know.


And you don't have to do it alone, queen. I'll show you how.


As a 15-year pageant veteran, my career has afforded me the blessing of winning several local, state and yes - even a national title. (As a senior in high I wrote in my journal that I wanted to become Miss Black USA - and nine years later, I was crowned just that! Yes! Yes yes yes.) I have been fortunate enough to turn what was my pageant platform into what is now More Than a Pretty Face International ™, a unique coaching, speaking  and consulting practice devoted to helping women and teen girls sparkle with  fearless confidence throughout life. As an award-winning advocate, author, life coach and speaker, simply put - coaching is what I do

In the brief time I have focused my efforts on pageant coaching, I have used my More Than Pretty System ™ to help young women place Top 5 in national competitions, win local, state and even national titles! 

So if you're a queen with a purpose, and ready to truly STAND OUT from the're in the right place. 

In order to provide highly personalized solutions for my pageant clients, I work with a small number of women and girls ages 10 and older. If you are seeking a  highly experienced coach to personally guide you through your mindset and preparation, private pageant coaching may be right for you.

How to be Considered for Private Coaching 

If you are interested in the possibility of privately working with me and prepared to invest in yourself (or your daughter), the first step is to complete the below Private Coaching Inquiry Form. If your application is selected, I contact you to schedule a Complimentary Slay Your Pageant™ Discovery Phone Call. It is the best way for me to offer some quick, actionable tips for your needs and see if ongoing private coaching is a fit you and/or your daughter. Still interested? Fill out the form below!

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