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Ways to Fund Ocielia’s Speaking Programs

As a full-time nonprofit professional, Ocielia knows first-hand that many groups and schools have limited budgets for speakers. However, with a little creativity - receiving quality programs is essential and possible!  Here are a few options and tips for funding her programs:

1. Partner with a local school or organization. Ocielia is easy to promote to other schools, groups, and decision makers.  After discussing your plans with us, just forward them a link to

2. Charge a fee for your event to help cover the cost of Ocielia’s speaking fees.

3. Check with your school administration for funding from the Associated Student Body fund. For teacher in-service programs, ask about Staff Development — Title VI funding.

4. Incorporate and highlight Ocielia into an awareness day or theme such as women’s history month, prom season, or many of the nationally observed awareness days that may already have an event budget: 

5. Secure sponsors. There are businesses and individuals who want to support initiatives that foster healthy social-emotional development in girls and young women. You can generate a list of potential organizations and individuals of interest and contact them about sponsoring your event. 

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