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Wow the Judges Bundle

Go from Nervousness to Confidence to
Make a Winning Connection with the Judges
Let's get straight to the point. 
Capturing the crown is ultimately determined by the judges. And, as if the thought of being interviewed by COMPLETE strangers wasn't nerve-racking enough - these people will SCORE you! You want to figure out how to engage them so you can make a lasting impression, but none of the pageant blogs go into detail and just tell you to "be confident". 
That's why you're gonna love the Wow the Judges Bundle.
Here's a whiff of what's waiting inside for you inside the Bundle:
  • Gain instant access to two recorded trainings and printable action guide so you can finally eliminate overwhelm and connect with the judges 
  • Uncover the types of judges you may encounter so you can win them over
  • Develop your step-by-step action plan so you can stand out and be irresistible to the judging panel 








Meet Your Success Mentor & Pageant Coach 

Hi, I’m Ocielia, recognized etiquette and pageant coach, former Miss Black USA and
lover of all things pink and classy. After my first coaching won a tri-state title at her very first pageant, I was hooked on developing and coaching young women to be elite contenders. I’m all about creating OMG-inducing contestants and infusing my clients’ personalities into every element of their execution. And yes, my favorite part of what I do is helping contestants develop the skills to get top scores in their pageant that can transition into their career and business aspirations. Skill development is what I offer; lifetime impact is what you get.
And inside Wow the Judges, I’ll reveal exactly how you can make an impression of the judges that ups your score and lasts

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