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The Esther Experience

Do you truly embody the beauty and confidence you desire? 

Were there conversations about modern femininity and etiquette when you were growing up?

Were you taught how to present yourself in all professional and prestigious social settings?

Were you given the tools to develop interpersonal  and public communication skills?

It’s OK if not... then you are like most of us, and you'll want to keep reading...

You have landed in the right place. My mission is to help you unleash the extraordinary poise and confidence within you so you can live fully! 

My name is Ocielia Gibson, creator of More Than a Pretty Face International, where I've  helped thousands of girls and women discover, enhance and elevate their esteem, professionalism and God-given beauty. From starting businesses to winning national pageants, from overcoming shyness to writing books, women have discovered their unique beauty, charm and power to confidently live their dreams... and you can, too.

This will take some real work. Like...
  • Looking your best DAILY to feel your best and visually display your self-value

  • Creating "INNER BEAUTY REGIMENS" for developing authentic radiance and confidence that emanates from within

  • Stepping OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE to articulately talk to people relevant to your career/business

  • Learning how to CARRY YOURSELF in various settings and be polished so you take your reputation (and brand) to new heights

The 4 part etiquette experience is about creating FRESH HABITS! It's about redesigning your daily patterns, renewing your mentality, and communicating your God-given value on a higher level -- and doing all of this consistently to see transformation as a woman.


Believe it or not, everything that flourishes in your life starts as a seed. And, within a seed is the possibility of exponential growth into beautiful, plentiful fruit. We start this challenge by looking at the womanhood seeds you've been sowing through your UNDERSTANDING about yourself, the THOUGHTS you use when thinking about the experience of womanhood, what RITUALS you have (and need to establish) in your daily life. And if these seeds are not a reflection of the queen-like elevation you've committed to during this challenge -- then we'll work together to reset your habits, and get into what we call " QUEEN ESSENCE". 


The word "articulate" is defined as "using language easily and fluently; having facility with words". The question is... how do you use words in your life? Also, what type of language comes easily and fluently off of your tongue? You have to understand that there is MORE POWER than you can physically see in your words. And you have to allow yourself to SEE that possibility. It requires sincere work and another perspective, to evolve in your communication. And THAT is what you are going to learn how to do.

However...there are more weeks of queen development after this...


It's time to act the literally. I'm going to give you femininity-enhancing exercises that will  elevate your confidence so much that you'll be hard pressed to feel uncomfortable in social and professional settings again. Queens are savvy, powerful and gracious - knowing the best protocol for all situations.  And after you learn these keys, we're going to dive even deeper into how to create more elegance in your demeanor and life. 

Now, onto Week 4...


Take all of the preparation and lessons you've learned, and challenge yourself to REFLECT OUTWARDLY the radiance you have developed inwardly. (Truly you should make this a lifestyle). Repetition of high-quality habits is the rhythm of success. The more you do something, the stronger your habits become. And Queen, it's time to create the greatest beauty and class you've ever experienced in your life!

This is not the traditional etiquette course. This course is about ELEVATING YOURSELF FROM THE INSIDE OUT…you can take the mentality, habits, etiquette knowledge, and techniques to raise your confidence, poise and femininity.

The virtual course includes:

  • Access to all The Esther Experience Video Recordings 

  • Access to The Esther Experience Online Classroom

  • Entry to the More Than a Pretty Face Facebook Group

  • Downloadable lesson worksheets + checklists

  • Email Access to me for Support

The value of this virtual course is $197 - with 4 modules filled with personal access, instructional videos, checklists and downloadable worksheets. But this a special course I've developed to serve you. So for a limited time, I’m going to make this available to WOMEN IN MY COMMUNITY for only $39. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m doing an exclusive $39 Offer on this 4-part Course, so there’s a special gift for you to get it today! After this deal, the price goes up to $97.

I believe that something incredible is supposed to happen with this course, that it’s supposed to help you make some enormous shifts in your confidence which will help you impact the world.
And I’m trusting that you’ll honor the heart, time, and value I’m putting into the modules and audios that come with this program. Again this course is supposed to be $197, so I’m going to trust that you will take advantage of the opportunity for only

I can only make this $39 offer available for a limited time, and the clock is ticking. 

Act fast, take on this opportunity, and claim your "Queendom". :)

Ready? Click below to join
The Esther Experience! 
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